Anderson’s Landing

Anderson’s Landing

Building Owner:

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson


Silverdale, WA

Roofing Contractor:

QRA Bremerton Roofers

Roof Area

13,000 square feet




IB Roof Systems


Mechanically attached using 50 Mil tan colored membrane

The owners of Anderson’s Landing had a vision of how their dream home in Silverdale, Washington would look. With the help of their architect, Jeffery Hecker from Hecker Architects, Bremerton, Washington., it looked like their dream would come true. The homeowners’ dream, however, turned south where the roof was concerned. Roofing professionals encountered a dilemma when devising a way to roof a home that had all the elements of a problem roof.

The catch 22 combining a great design by an architect and installing a functional roof that would look as aesthetically pleasing as the home itself. The architect suggested a rock ballasted EPDM system, but some areas of the roof reached up to a 6:12 pitch, making this system unfeasible. This forced them to look at more options. What about a torch down system? However, at the base of the concave surface was an area with no slope, a far cry from the ¼” per foot slope required for a materials warranty with torch applied systems. For these traditional systems to work the design of the home would have to change, compromising the look the homeowners and architect wanted.

Everybody then turned to single-ply membranes. They were versatile enough to mold around compound angles and could handle ponding water and high winds. But with so many single-ply systems on the market, finding the right system for this home wasn’t the only problem. Finding a manufacturer to warranty a residential home was key to making this project work, es-pecially for a home right in the Puget Sound area, known for wind gusts that exceed 100 mph.

IB Roof Systems was contacted because of their Lifetime Residential Warranty. Without one change to the current blueprints, IB went right to work. They designed a system for this home, like they had for hundreds of other homes along the western coastline.

“The high winds and the heavy rains were a concern, but it wasn’t anything that we were afraid of,” said Jason Stanley, IBRoof Systems of Seattle and Kent, Washington.

Stanley explained how the flexibility of the IB system allowed the roofing contractor to keep the roof watertight while the home was in the early stages of construction.“We became pretty creative when it came to the wall vents. By using IB Roof Systems CPA clad metal we designed a detail to make sure wind driven rain would not be an issue, but still allowing for plenty of ventilation of the interior.”

“Because the system is mechanically attached, installing the membrane before applying the stucco was not a problem. When it was time to install the stucco, the membrane was simply unfastened and pulled back. After the stucco was cured, the membrane was fastened back over the outside of the stucco and custom cap metal flashing was installed over the top.”

This detail design ensured the architect and homeowner that there would be no leaking between the stucco and the wood framing. Both parties were very pleased.

“What intrigued me about the IB system was there were less seams, low maintenance, and a lifetime warranty that allows for ponding water, which you don’t have with BUR, torchdown and other asphalt materials,” said Jeffery Hecker of Hecker Architects. “The color options with IB Roof Systems was nice. The tan colored membrane blended very well with the extremities of the home. I’m sure I will use the Insulated Blanket again.”

Wade Perrow Construction (WPC), Gig Harbor, Wash., a commercial contractor in Northern Washington for projects such as Sun Mountain Resort, Firecrest Golf Club House and many other high end establishments, was chosen to be the general contractor for the project. QRA Bremerton Roofing, Bremerton, Wash., known for their reputation and quality work, was chosen to install the IB Roof Systems Lifetime Roofing System by IB Roof Systems.

Todd Ward from WPC, said the lifetime warranty from IB Roof Systems was a real plus and that the insulated blanket was, “ the only feasible solution for the current design.”

WPC was excited that the IB system could be applied so fast, which allowed the project to keep on schedule.

“Cost was a major factor in using the IB system. The cost to apply a torch down system and apply a rubber coating was much higher than installing IB. Also, knowing the track record of IB Roof Systems’ single-ply membrane, proved to us and the customer that installing the IB was a better way to go,” said Tom Pidduck from QRA Bremerton Roofing.

IB Roof Systems is setting new standards in design and longevity to this and many other homes and buildings. The customers now have an attractive, lifetime roof with no maintenance and the home design of their dreams. IB Roof Systems solved the problem between vision and reality.