Advance Food Company 2013

Advance Food Company 2013

Building Owner:

Advance Food Company


Enid, OK

Roof Area

200,000 Square Feet




IB Roof Systems


Mechanically Attached 80 Mil ChemGuard

If you have ever tasted the countryfried steak from the culinary expertsat Advance Food Company, you can thank the roofing experts at Heritage Roofing and the roofing materials from IB Roof Systems for keeping them safe and sound for you.While the recipes for culinary delight sat Advance Food are closely guarded, IB Roof Systems provided the secret ingredients for installing a new 200,000-square-foot membrane on a roof with more than 700 penetrations through it. This was the challenge for any low slope roof like the one installed on top of the Advance Food processing plant located in Enid, Oklahoma in December 2007 at a cost of $1.2 million. There were penetrations for vent pipes, exhaust stacks, gas lines and several refrigerator units mounted on the roof — their work was cutout for them.

“Fifty percent of the building was cold storage which presented a unique attachment issue,” says Rodney Heitfield, contractor at Heritage Roofing Systems.

There were exterior materials, metal capson the walls, scoffers and down spouts to contend with.

The job was so big that extra crews were there, and they pulled in men as they were needed. In all, the job was completed in three months. Advance Food Company specializes in hamburger patties and breaded beef. They have also supplied pork and poultry to the public since 1973. They currently operate seven manufacturing facilities in three states. Advance Food Company is known as The Country Fried Steak Experts.™

“Because it is a freezer plant, the temperature of the rooms inside must consistently stay at 42 degrees to keep the meats cool,” says Don Rose, project engineer of Advance Food.

A high-quality insulated roof with a R-28 Value was the order of the day. The contractor installed an IB Roof Systems 80-mil-thick ChemGuard™ whiteroof membrane to waterproof the system. ChemGuard, from IB Roof Systems’ is the only true oil-, grease- and chemical-resistant membrane available. Various chemicals and substances normally present on flat roofs such as Advance Food Company can degrade any roofing material unless it is formulated correctly. IB Roof Systems ChemGuard membrane has an advanced chemical resistant package and other modifiers, giving the formulation the greatest resistance to chemicals coming in contact to the roof, including fatty acids from restaurants and industrial manufacturing. The formulation also has the highest resistance to UV of any product on the market today. IB Roof Systems roofs must remain waterproof, non-flammable, and must stay pliable at different temperatures throughout their service life.

The ChemGuard formulation has over 30 years of proven performance. IB Roof Systems designed their ChemGuard membrane to not only withstand harsh chemical environments but harsh climatic changes as well, such as rapid freeze/thaw cycles, quick thermo-shocks, high UV and wind exposure. The roof was perfectly suited to the Advance Food Company’s needs.

IB Roof Systems 80-mil ChemGuard membrane is approved by Energy Star™ and received one of the highest ratings by the Cool Roof Rating Council. There is a reducing urban heat island effect, meaning the roof membrane reflects 87 percent of the sun’s radiant heat. White roofs stay much cooler on hot days than darker colored roofing materials. IB Roof Systems white roof membranes save on cooling costs and are proven to last longer and perform better.

The cool, white 80-mil ChemGuard membrane roof from IB Roof Systems will certainly take some of the load off the freezers while at the same time saving energyand costs for the owners. Cool!