PVC Membranes

Why IB Roof PVC?

High-Quality Membranes

When you’re installing a commercial or residential roof it’s good to know you are getting the Industries Best (IB).

With so many energy saving benefits, safety provisions, and eco-friendly options, IB Roof Systems is the Right Choice!

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What Makes IB Roof PVC The Best?

Proven Track Record

Producing PVC roofing solutions for over 40 years.

Longest Warranties

30-year commercial and lifetime residential warranties available.

Wind Resistance

Superior wind uplift resistance. The best choice for low and especially high–rise buildings located in regions prone to strong winds.

Ponding Water

IB Roof’s PVC membranes stand up to constant dampness, ponding water, as well as high and low alkaline conditions with NO warranty issues.

Ultimate Fire Resistance

Don’t be fooled by other “white” reflective membranes, our PVC provides no flame propellant.

Chemical Resistance

From environmental fallout to restaurants to industrial pollution, IB Roof’s PVC membranes outlast the roofing industry standards.

Environmentally Friendly

High solar reflectivity saves you money in energy and can be recycled for less carbon footprint than other roofs. See our CRRC Rated Roof Products Listing.

Color Choices

We offer 6 “In-Stock” colors ready for your roofing project. No minimum amount!

Membrane Accessories

IB Roof offers many rooftop accessories to color-match the membrane so your roof can look perfect and perform just as well.

Available Colors and Thickness

Largest Selection of In Stock Color Membranes and One Roll Minimum Order Quantities


Size Does Matter

IB produces rolls of membrane to best serve the contractor and the ability to use and move these rolls. We offer 3’ and 6’ rolls. While even larger rolls seem to be better – try to move them. We package and ship rolls to your jobsite for safer, faster installation.

When You Need It Fast

Materials Made to Ship, Today!

We can design, package and ship complete roofing solutions and custom accessories in many cases by the following business day to your job site.

Energy Efficient

We Are Very Cool

A white IB Roof Systems membrane can reduce your energy consumption and your rising electric bills, by reflecting up to 90% of the heat that normally enters a home through the roof. An IB Roof Systems roof will lower your home’s heat gain, and possibly pay for itself.

IB white PVC membrane complies with CRRC, California Title 24, USGBC’S LEED® program, and other energy efficiency programs.

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Longest Industry Warranties

We Have You Covered

Install with confidence that you have selected the industry’s best roofing materials. IB Roof Systems has roofs still performing after more than 30 years. IB’s PVC membrane provides the longest, most durable solution in the industry and offers material, labor and material and total systems warranties.

Our Partner & Associations

IB Roof Systems is proud to work with, be a part of, and have our products and systems certified with these industry organizations.

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