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IB single-ply roof systems are tested and approved for use over a large variety of high-performance, rigid thermal roof insulations; insulation boards, coverboards, and recover boards for maximum design versatility and efficiency. IB Energy Board II and Energy Board III insulation products are sustainable options constructed from thermally efficient, high R-value polyisocyanurate cores with strong durable facers.

Advantages of Insulation / Coverboards

Before using coverboards to add another level of insulation for your roofing projects, it’s important to understand what these coverboards do and how they affect your installations.

If you feel inclined to use insulation coverboards for your future roofing projects, please take note that these could cost more. This is because these coverboards add an extra layer of insulation that regulates interior temperature and humidity. Condensation might also occur between the layers of insulation.

Talk to one of our sales representatives for more information about what these coverboards can do for you.

Smooth Top Surface

Insulation/coverboards prepare a smooth top surface for when you need to apply the PVC or silicone roofing membranes. This smooth surface makes way for better adhesion of the membrane, and in-between the insulation boards.

Extra Layer of Protection

Insulation/coverboards provide an extra layer of protection against strong winds, fire damage, and regular wear and tear. By using these products for your roofing projects, you are securing a longer service life.

Maximize Investment

Insulation/coverboards maximize your clients’ insulation investment. The durable and long-lasting coverboards protect the insulation from external damage, thus extending the life of these energy-efficient roofing systems.

Eliminate Ponding Water

Tapered boards are an option offered in a variety of slopes that can be cut and installed to achieve positive water drainage.

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