Acrylic & Silicone Coatings

Premium Fluid-Applied Systems for Roof Restoration

Premium Coatings

For EPDM, TPO, Asphalt, and Metal Roof Systems

IB Roof fluid-applied acrylic and silicone coating solutions deliver continued life to an existing roof, with little to zero interruption of business or tenants. These coatings require minimal maintenance and provide a reflective, energy-efficient, and long-lasting application. An IB Roof coating can save you time and money.

Premium Performance

Acrylic Coatings

IB Roof’s acrylic coatings are plasticizer-free, single-component, elastomeric coatings that are designed to help reduce surface temperatures for the renewal and maintenance of many roof types. Special biocide formulation helps retard discoloration and dirt retention. Unique formulation allows breathable film while providing a watertight membrane and permitting trapped moisture to escape.

Excellent Weatherproofing

Silicone Coatings Systems

Our silicone coatings are ponding water-resistant, high-solids, single-component, moisture-cure fluid-applied systems providing exceptional resistance to UV degradation and long-lasting and preventative solutions.

Finish Quick, Finish First

Why Choose Our Fluid Applied Coatings?

UV Resistant

Our fluid-applied solutions deliver exceptional resistance to UV degradation caused by the sun’s rays.


A high-reflective white coating can reduce energy consumption, lowering the utility bill, and reduce the urban heat island effect.

See our CRRC Rated Roof Products Listing.


IB Roof Systems coatings offer superior strength and elongation to repair or restore your roof. They can adhere to multiple substrates, quickly fix leaks, and extend service life.


With NO FABRIC reinforcement required, you can repair seams, fasteners, penetrations, and skylights to restore your roof from aging.

Contractor Friendly

The single-component coatings DO NOT require a primer for substrate or fabric reinforcement. Low VOC- contains less than 50 grams/liter. Little to zero interruption of business for fast and easy installation.

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