IB Roof Systems Joins the Vinyl Sustainability Council

On March 29th, 2023, IB Roof Systems Director of Sustainability, Shawn Stanley, was in Washington, D.C. to speak to “members of congress regarding the Vinyl Sustainability Council and how it can play a huge part in environmental goals.”

The Vinyl Sustainability Council (VSC), a self-funded business council advancing sustainability in the vinyl industry, welcomed IB Roof Systems as its newest member. VSC membership is reserved for organizations taking a leadership role to advance sustainability throughout the vinyl industry.

“IB Roof Systems has a rich history of providing technical expertise and offering innovative resilient and sustainable roofing products,” said Jay Thomas, Executive Director of the Vinyl Sustainability Council. “Their long-lasting, highly reflective PVC roof systems help reduce building energy costs; and are an ideal platform for solar installations and garden roofs that provide energy and ecosystem benefits to the building owner and environment. We look forward to having them help us advance our industry-wide sustainability efforts.”

IB Roof Systems is a pioneer in the flat roofing industry offering systems designed and manufactured for both flat and low-pitched roofs. IB Roof Systems offers sustainable roofing solutions including implementing a carbon-neutral calculator to show when our reflective roofing membranes will become carbon-neutral. 

“We look forward to working with the VSC to help tell the story of sustainable PVC,” said Shawn Stanley, Director of Sustainability here at IB Roof Systems. “The VSC provides the framework and resources to bring together the vinyl value chain to advance the industry on our most important sustainability initiatives including recycling and decarbonization.”

Learn more about the Vinyl Sustainability Council here.