Going Big in the East! Welcome Aboard Chris!

Chris Cavanaugh – IB Sales Representative
Territories 17/18 – PA, NJ, S.NY, DE, DC, MD, VA

d – 973.332.9552  |  o – 800.426.1626     |    e – Chris.Cavanaugh@IBroof.com

Welcome Chris Cavanaugh,

We are pleased to introduce Chris Cavanaugh as our newest IB Roof Systems, Sales Representative in the Eastern region (Territories 17 and 18 ) based in New Jersey!

Chris brings 30 years of construction experience to the IB Sales team.  With 16 years as a contractor and 14 as a sales rep, he is a problem solver.  His experience as a contractor allows him to relate to installers because he has faced the challenges they face every day. 

Chris looks for a way to increase his customers profitability by making them more marketable than their competition. He has past experience with IB Roof Systems having won the Pioneer Award as an independent rep with us in the NYC Metro market.

Chris will be developing the Northeast market, bringing on new IB contractors and gaining support in the architectural community.

Chris was born & raised in the Northeast and he enjoys time with family, the outdoors, hiking, biking & kayaking. 

“I see the Northeast region as nearly untapped and I am excited to join the IB team to grow the brand in this territory. IB Roof Systems is a phenomenal company to be associated with and will soon be known by contractors & architects here as it has been known on the west coast for years.”

Please Welcome Chris to Team IB.