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What Makes IB Different?

IB Roof Systems is made for the homeowner or management group wanting only the best quality, longest lasting and best warranty roofing solution. It’s a commercial grade roofing system designed for residential use. with so many energy saving benefits, safety provisions and eco-friendly options, IB Roof Systems is the right choice.

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Proven value. A better investment

From the day you install an IB PVC Roof System you’ll have the confidence of knowing that it’s a better value for today and a better product overall. That means you can save thousands of dollars in utility bills, lower maintenance costs over your years of ownership. You’ll find that the savings begin making a difference immediately. Over time, these savings will only grow. Your decision to buy an IB Roof System, is a decision to invest in a roof you can count on.

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Peace of mind.
The result of roofs built better.

Today’s realities place value on finding peace of mind in keeping your home safe and maintenance free. With IB Roof Systems, you can be confident that it will deliver.

At IB Roof Systems – The combination of a fully integrated approach to design and construction with tried-and-true best building practices adds up to a roof with better durability, better efficiencies, and reduced utility and maintenance costs.

You can rest easy knowing that your roof has undergone significantly more inspections and testing than typical roofing procedures. Our authorized professionals, will provide the most appropriate energy-efficient, lasting roof solution for your home

It comes as no surprise that people are satisfied with their IB Roof Systems solutions—you’ll find that peace of mind has a loyal following.

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Colors of Membrane

Quality Products – More Than Just Membranes.


By having the most colors of membrane in-stock, allows for better selection for the custom project.


IB-PVC has roofs still performing after more than 30 years. PVC provides the longest durable solution.


Standard 3′ & 6′ rolls. Why? It’s lighter and easier to handle, ship and install. When it’s easier – it’s faster and safer.

PVC Membranes


Metal/Termination Bar

Separation Sheets/Fire

Sheets/Vapor Barriers

Insulation/Cover Board



Focused & Specialized Service & Support.

Whether you have a multi-family building or a residential property, we’re invested in the success of each and every client. Our authorized installers are trained to get you the right solution that fits your needs. We respond quickly. We work hard. Our team is ready to do what it takes to help you understand the value, energy savings and benefits of IB Roof Systems versus the “other Guys”.

IB Technical Expert

Technical Expertise

Our professional in-house and field technical representatives share invaluable expertise to your contractor from ordering the right system, being onsite at the start of a project to interim inspections to ensure quality installation. We are there.


FM, UL, FBC, Miami Dade, TDI & CRRC.


You need roofing solutions that fit your job not generic parts. We custom fabricate parts you needand can ship in nearly 24 hours.



    IB Roof Systems PVC provides the best quality membrane coupled with complete tested roofing solutions


    IB PVC roofs are specifically engineered for strength. IB PVC roofing membranes far surpass the minimum ASTM standard (200 rating), having a minimu m breaking strength of 350 pounds per inch. Not allPVC is built like IB.


    PVC roofing membranes use heat-welded seams. They form a permanent, watertight bond that is actually stronger than the membrane itself. Other roofing systems rely on adhesives, tapes, and caulks to seal the seams, and are inherently less durable.


    A properly installed, high quality PVC roofing system can last in excess of 30 years, and not require much maintenance . This means that you invest once in a PVC roofing membrane, saving thousands on costly maintenance and repairs.


    PVC roofing membranes have a solid fire-resistance rating. These roofs are difficult to ignite, burn slowly, do not support combustion, and self extinguish when the source of flame is removed. PVC roofing membranes have passed FM and UL fire testing, and have an unlimited slope approval.


    With their inherent strength and heat-welded seams, PVC roofs have superior wind uplift resistance. A PVC roof is the best choice for low and especially high – rise buildings located in regions prone to strong winds.


    PVC membranes stands up to constant dampness, ponding water, as well as high and low alkaline conditions. Also, exposure to plant roots, fungi and bacteria have no negative impact.


    The membrane’s high solar reflectivity reduces energy waste, lowers monthly heating and cooling costs. Additionally, vinyl is one of the few building materials that can be fully recycled into new roofing products, even after decades of service life.

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We Are Very Cool.

A white IB membrane can reduce your energy consumption and your rising electric bills. By reflecting up to 90% of the heat that normally enters a home through the roof, an IB roof will lower your home’s heat gain, and it might very well pay for itself.

advantages of IB Membranes


IB Roof Systems is proud to work with, be a part of, and have our products and systems certified with these industryorganizations.

Cool Roof Rating Council Midwest Roofing Contractors AssociationNational Roofing Contractors AssociationNorth East Roofing Contractors AssociationRCISingle Ply Roofing IndustryWestern States Roofing Contractors Association


IB Roof Systems is proud to work with, be a part of, and have our products and systems certified with these industryorganizations.