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Vinyl Roofing Membranes

Environmental Profile: Vinyl Roofing Membranes

What is vinyl and where does it come from?

High Performance Over A Long Life

Vinyl Roofing Systems – High Performance Over A Long Life

Vinyl roofing membranes have permanently raised the bar in roofing specification and installation, offering a clean, quick, safe and affordable option to alternative roofing systems.

Energy Efficiency

Department of Energy Headquarters Installs Efficient Vinyl Cool Roof

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 1, 2011 – The West Building of the Department of Energy headquarters has been protected with 25,000 square feet of economical, durable, and energy efficient white PVC roofing. No incremental cost was incurred to add the cool roof as part of the replacement project.

Balancing Act

Balancing Sustainability & Practicality: Foolish as Magic Wands & Fairy Dust?

For the past few years it seems the only newsworthy roofing articles or profiles involve LEED, reflective cool roofs, vegetative roofs, or roof mounted solar. These articles spend the majority on the benefits of sustainable technologies and little time on the roof systems itself. They seem to minimize the pains and efforts of the roofing contractor to make sure that the roof installation performs flawlessly throughout the warranted life of the system.

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