Solar Energy

IB Roof Systems roofing membranes are the best choice for long-term support with many sustainable roofing technologies.

IB membranes can effectively and efficiently support nearly every type of solar energy array available. By partnering with experts in the solar energy field, IB Roof Systems can provide a long-term waterproofing solution that's already proven to last 30 years, matching the life that most solar panels are warrantied for. However, if a roofing system is selected that is not proven to perform or last like an IB roofing system, there is a high probability the owner will face a premature membrane failure resulting in a costly removal/replacement of the solar system, new roofing material, and possibly erasing any savings that the solar system has or would have provided.

Rooftop Mounted Solar Benefits:

  • Financial incentives from multiple government agencies and utility companies
  • Promotes environmental stewardship
  • Reduces emissions
  • Promotes energy independence

Integrating durable IB Roof Systems membrane with roof solar projects is another way IB Roof Systems is making a difference.