Rooftop Gardens



Rooftop gardens offer wonderful and long-term benefits to the building and the environment. But in order to create these mini eco-systems on a rooftop, it requires a large investment, and therefore, it is vital to the success of the rooftop garden that a proven, durable waterproofing system be put in place that meets these criteria:

  • Impenetrable to strong root systems
  • Handles constant or ponding moisture
  • Resistant to high PH or acidic soil conditions
  • Provides continuous leak-free performance

IB has active roofs that continue perform in excess of 30 years while most other types of roof materials have already failed and need to be replaced. So when you decide to go with a Garden Roof System, you need to select a waterproofing membrane that you can count on for years. The last thing a building owner would want is a premature failure that requires a significant investment to remove, replace, and put back the rooftop garden system.