It's one thing to say that a roofing material is recyclable and another to actually have a roofing material being recycled right now.

IB Roof Systems is proud to have some of the longest lasting sustainable roofing membranes in the industry with an incredible track record to back it up, and we are also proud to be able to start reclaiming and recycling those same roofs after their long useful life is over.

After 30 years of great performance, IB Roof Systems membranes are being recycled into other high-quality products, thereby avoiding the landfill altogether.

Jeff Walter from Northwest Polymers, a plastics recycling company, stated, “From what we have seen so far in processing the aged PVC membrane material, there is very little waste. As it passes through our system we are recognizing about 99.5% of good, usable materials.” He also said that, “One of the good things about vinyl and plastics is that they last for such a long time, the material is still very usable, degradation is minimal, and because of this it can still be made into good products even when it has already served for 30 years.”

Reclaiming used roofing membrane is another way IB Roof Systems is making a difference.