30+ Year Performance

IB Roof Systems has active roofs that continue to perform in excess of 30 years while most other types of roof materials fail and need to be replaced nearly 3 times faster. And when a roofing system lasts longer, there is a significantly reduced need for raw materials, lessening the demand for manufacturing new products, diminishing the transportation needs to distribute those products, reducing the amount of construction waste of alternative roofing materials sent to landfills, and cutting energy usage needed to incinerate and/or recycle the spent product.

Lifecycle takes on a whole new environmental significance when looked at from this angle.

So before you look at what sustainable technologies you want to integrate, make sure you keep in mind the most important need of your roof. Look at your roofing material carefully. How long ago was it manufactured? Is there documentation of how long the material will last or has lasted?

IB Roof Systems has this proof — actual samples from a 30 year old roof prove how IB Roof Systems membrane will perform. IB Roof Systems membrane is the best choice to facilitate and be the backbone of any sustainable roofing technology.