As a major supplier of roofing materials, IB Roof Systems recognizes its role in protecting and sustaining our environment. In fact, since its beginning in the late 1970's, IB has been an environmentally conscious company. IB has continually identified and concentrated its efforts and partnerships to support environmentally sound and sustainable practices such as: Reflectivity, Recyclability, Carbon Neutrality, supporting technologies like Rooftop Gardens and roof generated Solar Power, and extending the typical roof long life cycle.






IB Roof Systems has forged partnerships with well-known professional vendors and suppliers of sustainable roof technologies who share our desire to protect our environment. Through these partnerships, IB can provide systems that outlast other roofing materials, outperform its competitors, and allow the materials to be recycled after their service life is over. These very systems also provide the needed durability and longevity required to act as a foundation for various sustainable roofing technologies, such as garden and solar, while reducing a building's energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Together, IB Roof Systems and its partners will make a difference.