Title 24

Title 24 is the name for a section of the California Code of Regulations that specifically relates to Energy Efficiency Standards for Buildings. This program was created to address many inefficiencies, misuses, and wastes of energy that the state of California was facing during an energy crisis. Construction of a new building or alterations made to an existing building have to meet the standards stated in this program. That includes buildings that are state owned, but also extends to all building occupancies, equipment, and related features such as structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems for every building constructed or altered after 1978, the year Title 24 went into effect.

Title 24 is strictly related to buildings in the state of California, however numerous other state governments have already, or will be, adopting very similar standards of building as we all face environmental and energy issues.

IB Roof Systems high-performance and highly reflective PVC membranes can easily meet/exceed the standards set forth in order for building owners to meet the "cool roof" requirements of Title 24, specifically our specially manufactured and tested White & Cool Sand membranes that are available for installation by one of our select Authorized Contractors.

Title 24 Minimum Requirement Solar Reflectance
> 0.70 (Initial Rating)
Thermal Emittance
> 0.75 (Initial Rating)
IB Title 24 Compliant Product CRRC Tested / Verified
Solar Reflectance
CRRC Test / Verified
Thermal Emittance
IB 50, 60, & 80 Mil White Initial - 0.87 Initial - 0.88
IB 50, 60, & 80 Mil Cool Sand Initial - 0.77 Initial - 0.87