Green Globes

Green Globes is a nationally recognized “Standard Development Organization” accredited by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). The ANSI committee includes a balance of users, producers, interested parties, and NGOs that create a consensus-based process for the development of Green Globes' standards. These standards are then integrated into a comprehensive 1,000 point scale system to measure the environmental impacts of a building with categories ranging from Energy, Indoor Environment, Emissions, Water, Site, and Project/Environmental Management.

When using an IB membrane/roofing system on your project/building, you can potentially earn several points such as:

Site Credit
7.2.2      (Heat Island Effect) – An IB roofing system can obtain up to 6 points

7.3.1      (Storm Water Management) – A Green Roof obtains up to 9 points

8.2.3      (Power Demand Reduction) – An IB roofing system may contribute up to 8 points

10.1.2    (Materials Content Assemblies) – IB membranes containing recycled content may contribute up to 8 points

10.1.4    (Transportation of Processed or Manufactured Materials) – An IB membrane may contribute up to 5 points

10.5.1    (Demolition and Construction Waste) – IB’s PVC Reclamation Program may contribute up to 6 points