White Reflective Roofs


A white reflective roof offers numerous benefits to, not only the building or home owner, but the environment. A white IB membrane can offer significant energy savings by reducing your usage due to the heating/cooling of your structure. As for the environment, that reduced dependency on electricity also reduces your carbon footprint.

IB Roof Systems employed a third party environmental consultant to evaluate the effects of our reflective membrane on carbon emissions. That report showed the embodied carbon emissions of the raw materials, production, and transportation of an IB Roof Systems white membrane will be neutralized in as little as two years when replacing a black roof. If a minimal rated EnergyStar rated roof was being replaced, the carbon emissions would be neutralized in as little as five years, thereby leaving the owner with up to 23 years of negative carbon emissions from their IB roof.

IB Roof Systems applies a 100% acrylic top finish to all of our membranes to help keep them cleaner longer, increasing their reflective properties, reducing energy consumption, and reducing the urban heat island effect.

IB Roof Systems White & Cool Sand membranes were submitted to the CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) for a 3 year evaluation and earned one of the highest ratings for reflectivity and emissivity.

Because of the high reflective life of IB Roof Systems membranes, there are considerable energy cost saving benefits as well, lowering energy consumption and the utility bill.

Maintaining long-term high reflectivity is another way IB Roof Systems is making a difference by providing a Quality Product you can count on.