Traditions™ is a single-ply membrane that was designed to eliminate the problems associated with conventional asphalt shingles while maintaining the look of an architecturally designed shingle roof that fits your home or building.

Traditions waterproofing system is made from a composite layer of durable PVC membrane. It is a reinforced single-ply, featuring a printed architectural shingle pattern to give you the shingle look you want, without the problems.

Traditions is virtually maintenance free and is specially designed for low-sloped roofs. The high-quality membrane resists mold, mildew, algae, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays, and will continue to look great for years to come.

Traditions designer colors are fade resistant and suitable for all types of climates. Traditions is available in:

Lifetime Material Warranties

Traditions™ - Stony Ridge Traditions™ - Sierra Vista


Traditions offers warranties against manufacturing defects. All the accessories, flashings, vents, membranes, and fasteners that attach to the roof are covered under the best warranty offered in the roofing industry.