The world’s only true grease and oil resistant roofing membrane. Oil, grease, dirt, and the elements can take their toll on roof longevity. Which is why we created ChemGuard™. Today’s only single-ply roofing membrane for industrial and restaurant use, ChemGuard is designed to surpass ASTM standards and protect against such roofing hazards as animal fats, cooking grease, motor oil, gasoline, acid rain, and numerous other harsh chemicals and acids. Plus, its dirt release formula makes it safe and easy to simply wash away residue and build-up.

Guaranteed For 25 Years
There’s a reason over 90% of all IB Roof Systems roofs are still performing after more than 30 years. They’re built to last. In fact, we back them all with a 25 year, 100% non-prorated warranty. And for added assurance, we prefabricate all details around pipe penetrations, HVAC units, and other dimensional objects to ensure a professional, custom look and flawless installation.

Quality Certified
To ensure high performance throughout the life of your roof, a certified IB Roof Systems technical inspector will thoroughly check every warrantied project. Of course our quality control begins even earlier — during our QS 9000 and ISO 9001 manufacturing process.

We Make Service A Priority
We not only stand behind our products — we stand ready to help when you need it. Our experienced service staff is just a phone call away to answer questions, troubleshoot, or help you find the information you’re looking for.