Corporate Accounts

IB Roof Systems has been providing building owners high-quality products that consistently outperform nearly every other type of roofing material available for flat and low-slope roofing applications. IB has millions of square feet installed and actively performing throughout North America on restaurants, hotels, warehouses, and practically every type of building in between.

IB Roof Systems has cultivated a tradition of excellence, and our customers are overwhelmingly satisfied because:

  • IB Roof Systems membranes have a proven life of 30+ years of solid performance, eliminating the need for continual repairs or reroofs that can cost you a significant amount of money as time goes on.
  • Our products allow an easy and streamlined installation because of their high weldability, making your installation a breeze without the major disruptions or annoyances that other roofing materials cause.
  • Highly reflective IB membranes can deliver true cost savings for building owners and facility managers by reducing their usage of electricity for heating & cooling in nearly any climate or location.
  • IB has backed our roofing systems with some of the industry's best warranties and coverage. 25 Year Warranties are available on commercial/industrial buildings that are transferrable, offer coverage for ponding water, and are installed only by IB Authorized Contractors.