Technical Expertise

Highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals can make or break your roofing project. If you are working with a person or company that does not fully understand the proper manner to address the needs of your roof, you could be wasting thousands and thousands of dollars. IB Roof Systems selects highly qualified technical minds to help ensure this type of situation does not occur on an IB roof.

Our technical staff has years of real world, on-the-roof experience with virtually every type of roofing system there is or has been. Our team can help advise you on what system is the most appropriate for your roof’s size, pitch, environment, purpose, and desired performance traits. Our systems are highly tested by distinguished and respected third party laboratories such as Factory Mutual, Underwriter’s Laboratories, Cool Roof Rating Council, and the Environmental Protection Agency. We also have the codes and approvals that meet (and exceed) your high-wind needs, state/federal regulations, and building safety.

IB staffs technical field representatives who can physically come to your location if needed and analyze any issues you might be facing. Our Tech Reps also train and direct our extensive group of select contractors in the latest techniques for proper and effective installation based on input from organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association and International Code Council.

Simply put: When you need a solution to your roofing problems and you want the Industry’s Best roofing system, you need the Technical Expertise to back the Quality Products that only IB Roof Systems can bring to the table.