Quality Products

When you are looking for a product that can protect your asset for the long term, that's when you turn to a proven, sustainable, and quality product. And at IB Roof Systems, we are dedicated to providing our customers just that. Contractors and Design Professionals comfortably and confidently select to work with products from IB because of their performance, reliability, and longevity. That translates into Building and Home Owners across the country who have been able to rest assured their home and assets are protected... a fact proven by roofs continuing to perform leak-free since 1978.

In order to meet that high standard of leak-free performance, you need to have a strong and reliable base. And that base begins with the formulation of the product. IB has stayed true to its time and performance proven formula and production process for 35 years by utilizing only the highest quality polymers, plasticizers, fire retardants, and UV stabilizers available to ensure a highly flexible and durable membrane. This formulation is then coupled and reinforced with an anti-wicking 9x9 denier polyester scrim that is highly resistant to solvents, acids, and bases because of the molecular bonds created during the manufacturing process.

But designing a superior PVC membrane is only half of the battle. You then need to be able to replicate that product consistently and efficiently to build the type of confidence and trust that IB and its customers have had since 1978. To accomplish that monumental task, IB realized the huge benefit of manufacturing its membranes in a facility that is ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified. This stringent production process helps ensure every piece of material that comes from IB performs above and beyond any other type of roofing material out there.

Because of our formulation and production processes put in place long ago, IB membranes have been able to provide long-term roofing solutions that have proven benefits such as:

  • Maintain a highly flexible and dimensionally stable product for years to come
  • Stand up to the effects of weathering far better than the competition
  • Resist & reflect UV rays which can save thousands of dollars in heating/cooling costs every year
  • Maintain a higher reflective surface longer
  • Provide stronger, easier, and faster seam welds because of the 50/50 split of high-quality surfacing on the top and bottom of the scrim, resulting in time saved for the contractor and a leak-free roof
  • Resist ponding water
  • Virtually 100% of materials from reclaimed IB roofs can be recycled and put into new products, avoiding landfills/incinerators that further pollute our earth.

IB Roof Systems brings all of the formulation, production, and performance aspects of our membranes together by offering some of the best warranties in the industry, including a 25 Year TotalSystems Warranty for commercial projects and a Lifetime Warranty on products for residential applications.